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Public Record Requests:

Washington State law requires state and local agencies, which includes public schools, to make public records available to the public. This law, the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) supports the public’s right to be informed about what their government is doing.

Public record requests may be made by contacting Tammy Lichliter, the District Public Records Officer.

  • Email: [email protected]

  • U.S. Mail: La Center School District, Attn: Public Records Officer, Tammy Lichliter, PO Box 1840, La Center, WA 98629

  • Fax: (360) 263-1140

Requests should be made in writing and include the following information:

  • Name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address of requestor;
  • Identification of the public records specific enough for the Public Records Officer or designee to locate the records; and
  • The date the request is submitted to the District.
  • Requests for public records may also be submitted using District Form 4040F.

Staff members receiving requests for public records shall direct persons making any oral requests to contact the Public Records Officer.  Staff members receiving written requests for public records shall immediately forward them to the Public Records Officer at the email address above.

Requests for student records – please contact the school office that your student last attended.

For Special Education records, contact: [email protected]