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Highly Capable Program

The La Center School District offers a variety of programs and services to students deemed highly capable, as well as all students who may benefit from enrichment activities and/or advanced classes.

Any student who wishes to work beyond the core activities and class offerings is given the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of extra/advanced options.  Staff members ranging from classroom teachers, counselors, and administrators seek resources for students to expand their knowledge base.  These can include offerings such as Advanced Placement courses, access to Cascadia Tech, support from local colleges, and on-line classes. Students also have access to clubs and activities that allow them to be challenged beyond the core academic programs.  Our goal is to provide ample opportunities for students to grow and learn in a variety of activities and academic pathways so their own unique genius can emerge and develop.

Teacher recommendations and test results are used to determine the top two percent of the student population to be served by state funds. These dollars support only a small portion of the total offerings provided by the district. Other funds come from local levy dollars and serve to help all students have the chance to experience extra enrichment opportunities.

There are advanced academic activities/course offerings available to students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

For more information on enrichment program opportunities as well as our highly capable offerings funded with state highly capable funds, please contact Greg Hall at 360-263-2134 or [email protected].