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Special Education/Student Services

The La Center School District (LCSD) Student Services Department is dedicated to helping each student reach their potential in an environment where their individual strengths are recognized. Should you have questions or concerns relating to any of the programs below, please reach out to us.

    • Specialized Transportation/KWRL: If your student(s) require specialized transportation for a short period, or the duration of the school year, you may contact any of the following to start the process: Student’s Teacher; Building Administration; or Student Services. Transportation is available for Special Education Students and for any General Education student with a special circumstance (i.e. student is on crutches). KWRL (360) 841-2035 will contact the parent/guardian with information once the route is established.


The La Center School District recognizes that students whose disabilities adversely impact educational performance and who require specially designed instruction, can improve their educational performance when they receive special education and related services tailored to fit their needs. The district adopts the state’s full educational opportunity goal to provide students in need of special education services with a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Special education programs for eligible students will be an integral part of the general education programs of this district, and will operate in compliance with federal and state requirements governing special education. The district will provide a continuum of placement options, which may include services within or outside of the district, depending on the student’s needs.


Special Education Records Requests: In State District – send IDT request through IEPOL or email; Out of State District – please send email; Parent/Guardian/Other – must provide a signed records release along with request. Send requests to: [email protected] or fax (360) 263-1140 Attn: Student Services. RECORDS REQUEST FORM LINK: Student Records Request

Carrie Lindsey / Director of Student Services / (360) 263-2131 Ext. 2137

Heidi Bengaard / Administrative Assistant / (360) 263-2131 Ext. 2136

LCSD District Office / 725 NE Highland Rd., PO Box 1840 / La Center, WA / 98629

Office Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30 am to 4:00 pm 

Email: [email protected]

McKinney-Vento & Foster Care District Liaison: Director of Student Services

McKinney-Vento & Foster Care Building Contacts: School Counselors


If you require further information/assistance, please contact Heidi Bengaard at the above phone number or email.