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Policy 6970P

Dedication & Naming of Facilities

The naming of a school shall take place in the following manner:

A. The superintendent shall select a committee of, whose purpose it shall be to submit to the board a list of not less than three, nor more than five, names for the new school. The list shall briefly state, along with each name, why the committee nominated each name. The committee may solicit nominations from students and the community.

B. The committee shall, whenever possible, follow these guidelines:

1. Each name shall be known to, and significant to, the people of the district.

2. The names submitted shall not conflict with the names of other schools in the district or surrounding districts.

3. The use of names of living persons shall be avoided unless the circumstances warrant an exception.

C. The board shall select the name of the new facility from the list. In recognition of the efforts of those involved in the project, a plaque containing the following information shall be attached to a new building:

1. School name;

2. Board-approved construction date;

3. Completion or dedication date;

4. Name of board members as of the board-approved construction date in the following order:

a. President/Chairman

b. Vice President/Vice Chairman

c. Members (alphabetically)

5. Superintendent as of board-approved construction date; and

6. Architect and contractor names.

Formal dedication of the facility shall take place on a date and time specified by the board.

Naming of School Facilities and Fields

The naming of portions of school facilities (such as athletic fields, gymnasiums, libraries, etc.) shall be submitted directly to the Board through the superintendent for approval.



La Center School District Adopted: February 27th, 2007