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Policy 6570

Property, Data & Records Management

Data Management

The superintendent is authorized to enter into a contract with the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative to purchase a student information system, equipment, networking and software to expand the current K-12 education statewide network. The board shall review the data management program annually.

Records Management And Retention

The district recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the acts of the district and the repository of such information. The public has the right under law to inspect and procure copies of such records with certain exceptions. The public records of the district shall mean any account, voucher or contract dealing with the receipt or disbursement of funds; with acquisition, use or disposal of services or of supplies, materials, equipment or other property; or with any minutes, orders or decisions fixing the personal or property rights, privileges, immunities, duties or obligations of any person or group.

The superintendent shall develop procedures to implement this policy which shall conform to law; require as a minimum the permanent safeguarding of board minutes, annual audit reports and permanent student records; and require retention of all fiscal records required for audits. The superintendent shall designate a staff member to serve as district records officer.

Records may be destroyed when authorized by the General Records Retention Schedule and Destruction Authorization provided by the Office of Secretary of State, Division of Archives and Records Management.

Property Records

Property records and inventory records shall be maintained on all land, buildings and personal property under the control of the district.

Property purchased in whole or in part with federal funds shall be inventoried at least every two years. The inventory shall include the serial number of the item, its cost and the percentage of federal funds used to purchase it.

Small attractive items (computers, printers, projectors, video cassette recorders, tools, etc.) shall be inventoried annually and shall be signed out to staff. Sign-out records shall also be maintained.

At the end of each school year each teacher shall inventory the property items in his or her classroom. A randomly selected ten percent of those inventories shall be double-checked by an employee of the business office.

For purposes of this policy, “equipment” shall mean a unit of furniture or furnishings, an instrument, a machine, an apparatus or a set of articles which retains its shape and appearance with use, is nonexpendable, and does not lose its identity when incorporated into a more complex unit. Property records of facilities shall be maintained on an ongoing basis.

No equipment shall be removed for personal or nonschool use. Property records shall show, as appropriate to the item recorded, the:

A. Description of the property;

B. A serial number or other identification number (Equipment may be identified with a permanent tag that provides appropriate district and equipment identification.);

C. Manufacturer;

D. Percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the property;

E. Location; and

F. Condition and depreciation.

Cross Reference:
Board Policy 3231 Student Records
Board Policy 4040 Public Access to School District Records
Board Policy 6801 Fixed Assets
Board Policy 6955 Maintenance of Records

Legal References:
Chapter 40.14 RCW Preservation and Destruction of Public Records
RCW 40.14.010 Definition of public records
RCW 42.56.070-080 Public Records
34 C.F.R. § 80.32 Uniform Administrative requirements for grants and cooperative agreements to state and local governments — Equipment

Management Resources:
Policy News, April 2006 Fixed Assets
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La Center School District Adopted: February 27th, 2007