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Policy 6511

Staff Safety

The board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the district. Rules for safety and prevention of accidents shall be posted in compliance with OSHA and WISHA requirements. All hazardous chemicals will be identified and properly labeled. Staff members will be trained in the use of these chemicals specific to their respective jobs. Proper records will be maintained to verify that all of the preventive and safety measures are in place. Injuries and accidents shall be reported to the district office.

The district shall have at least one staff member at each school and work site in the district who holds a valid certificate of first aid training from the department of labor and industries, U.S. Bureau of Mines or the American Red Cross or equivalent training provided by the district nurses. Each school and work site shall have first aid supplies readily accessible and if the work site has more than fifty employees a first-aid station shall be established.

The superintendent shall develop necessary safety and health standards to comply with Department of Labor requirements.

Cross Reference:
Board Policy 6510 Safety Board Policy
6512 Infection Control Program

Legal References:
RCW 49.17 Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act



La Center School District Adopted: February 27th, 2007