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Policy 6217

Electronic Funds Transfer

 Reimbursement for Goods and Services: Electronic Payments

The board authorizes the use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Automated Clearing House transfer (ACH) transactions for payments to employees or vendors. 

The district will maintain a separate bank account dedicated solely to EFT transactions. 

The district will prepare electronic payments and record them in a format similar to warrants for the board of directors. Prior to submission to the board of directors, all electronic payments shall be reviewed by the district’s auditing officer in accordance with the district’s procedure for electronic payments. The board shall review the claims paid and warrants issued at its next regularly scheduled board meeting within one month of issuance. If the board disapprove of some claims, the business manager and superintendent shall jointly cause the disapproved claims to be recognized as receivables and diligently pursue collections. 

The district will develop and maintain procedures for electronic payments to safeguard district assets and to minimize fraud. The district will ensure that its procedures and practices are in line with guidelines published by the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA). Any requirements from the district’s bank or county treasurer regarding file submission or formatting shall also be followed. 

The district will implement this policy according to the accompanying procedures.


Legal References:       RCW 28A.330.080 Payment of claims—Signing of warrants

RCW 28A.330.090 Auditing committee and expenditures

RCW 42.24.080 Municipal corporations and political subdivisions — Claims against for contractual purposes — Auditing and payment — Forms— Authentication and certification

RCW 42.24.180 Taxing District — Issuance of warrants or checks before approval by legislative body — Conditions


La Center School District

Adoption Date: November 28, 2023