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Policy 6020

System of Funds and Accounts

The district shall maintain a system of funds with the county treasurer in accordance with state law and the accounting manual approved by the state superintendent of public instruction.

The district shall maintain a system of bank accounts as follows:

A. A district general fund imprest bank account,

B. An associated student body imprest bank account for each school having an associated student body organization approved by the board, and

C. Petty cash accounts in such numbers as are necessary to meet the petty cash needs of the schools and divisions of the district. The board may authorize the establishment of such accounts. Each petty cash account shall be approved by the board. A custodian shall be appointed for these accounts who shall be independent of invoice processing, check signing, general accounting and cash receipts functions. If this separation of functions is not feasible, another employee who is independent of those functions shall be responsible for reviewing the management of each account.

Legal References:
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La Center School District Adopted: February 27th, 2007