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Policy 6000P

Procedure Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption, and Implementation

Payroll: Authorization and Control
Employment of all certificated and classified staff must be approved by the board and authority to pay for such services rendered follows this approval. Annual salaries will be determined by placement on the district salary schedule in terms of position, experience, training (where applicable), and collective bargaining agreements (where applicable). Proper documentation is required to receive credit for experience and training.

Salary Warrants
Unless otherwise specified, each staff member will receive a salary warrant on the last working day of each month equal to 1/12 of the staff member’s yearly salary less statutory, contractual, and voluntary deductions.

The district may make voluntary payroll deductions for staff after an employee has submitted a written request to make such a deduction.

The district will make payroll deductions for staff as required by law, such as federal withholdings, applicable state retirement contributions, industrial insurance premiums, medical aid, and Washington Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML).

The district will make payroll deductions for staff based on contractual agreements, such as those required by collective bargaining agreements.


Adoption Date: May 25, 2021