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Policy 4265

Community Education Program

The La Center School District recognizes the importance of community education within our core values and mission of the district.  Opportunities for our community to develop and learn at the hands of local and regional professionals, coaches and artisans are important to recognize and maximize their talents.

As a method of extending educational opportunities to the entire community through a fuller utilization of school facilities, a community education program may be established. The district is encouraged to provide programs that have been identified to meet the needs of youth and adults within the La Center community.  Community education will be financed primarily by participation fees, contributions, or a combination of these sources.

The superintendent or designee will periodically review the organizational plan, tentative program offerings, budget and feedback from patrons that will assure that the program is fiscally responsible, and responsive to the varying needs of our community.


Cross References: 3421 – Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention


Legal References: RCW 28A.620.010 Purposes
RCW 28A.620.020 Restrictions — Classes on parenting skills and child abuse prevention encouraged


La Center School District  Adoption Date: April 24, 2018