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Policy 4200P

Parent Access and Safe and Orderly Learning Environment


The following guidelines are established to permit visitors to observe the educational program with minimal disruption:

A.  All visitors must register at the office upon their arrival at school.

B.  Visitors whose purpose is to influence or solicit students will not be permitted on the school grounds unless the visit furthers the educational program of the district. Military recruiters will be provided the same opportunities to meet with students as higher education and employer representatives.

C.  If the visitor wishes to observe a classroom, the time shall be arranged after the principal has conferred with the teacher.

D.  If the purpose of the classroom visitation is to observe learning and teaching activities, the visitor may be asked to confer with the teacher before or after the observation to enhance understanding of the activities.

The principal or designee may withhold approval if particular events, such as testing, would be adversely affected by a visit. Similarly, if a visitor’s presence becomes disruptive, the principal or designee may withdraw approval.

Disruption At School Activities

The following guidelines are suggested as basic security measures to prevent/reduce disruptive activities in the school:

A.  All visitors are required to check into the office upon entering a school building.

B.  Staff members are responsible for monitoring hallways and playgrounds.

C.  A visitor’s badge should be worn conspicuously.


Date: December 12, 2006 Revised: December 17, 2019, May 23, 2023 (Name update only)