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Policy 3530P

Student Fund-Raising Activities

Guidelines for student fundraising activities are as follows:

  1. Student participation must be voluntary;
  2. The fundraising activity must be such that it is not likely to create a poor public relations image;
  3. Fundraising activity efforts must not interfere with the educational program;
  4. Fundraising activities conducted by associated student bodies or sub-groups thereof must conform to the district ASB accounting requirements. Expenditures of all ASB funds must be approved by the ASB;
  5. Fundraising activities conducted by outside groups (including parent groups) must not involve the official student body organizations and must not utilize district materials, supplies, facilities or staff unless reimbursement is made;
  6. Sponsorship of fundraising activities by schools’ official parent groups, even where moneys realized will be donated to associated student bodies, is encouraged to minimize accounting difficulties. If fundraising activities are co-sponsored by a student body organization and a parent group, an arrangement for the proportional sharing of expenses and profits or losses should be made prior to initiation of fundraising;
  7. All fundraising activities must be submitted by the principal to the superintendent for approval. Application for approval must include:
    1. The sponsoring group;
    2. The proposed activity;
    3. The beginning and end dates;
    4. The manner in which the money is to be collected; and
    5. The purpose.
  8. When ASB revenues are derived from sales which are not directly made by students (such as sales from vending machines or the sale of student pictures), these activities must be in compliance with policy; and
  9. All fundraising activities (such as athletic fundraising, donations, and booster clubs) conducted by ASB or any outside organization in support of students, must employ a process to ensure compliance with the district’s Title IX policy.


Adopted March 27th, 2007; Revised April 26, 2017