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Policy 3510

Associated Student Bodies

An associated student body (ASB) will be formed in each school within the district whenever one or more students in that school engage in money-raising activities with the approval and at the direction or under the supervision of the district.

An ASB will be a formal organization of students, including sub-components or affiliated student groups. Each ASB will submit a constitution and bylaws to the board for approval. The constitution and bylaws will identify how student activities become approved as student body activities and establish standards for their supervision, governance and financing. Subject to such approval process, any lawful activity that promotes the educational, recreational or cultural growth of students as an optional extracurricular or co-curricular activity may be considered for recognition as an associated student body activity. Any lawful fundraising practices that are consistent with the goals of the district and that do not bring disrespect to the district or its students may be acceptable methods and means for raising funds for student body activities. The board may act or delegate the authority to a staff member to act as the ASB for any school that contains no grade higher than grade six.

The school principal will designate a staff member as the primary advisor to the ASB and assure that all groups affiliated with the ASB have an advisor assigned to assist them. Advisors will have the authority and responsibility to intervene in any activities that are inconsistent with district policy, ASB standards, student safety or ordinarily accepted standards of behavior in the community. When in doubt, advisors will consult with the school principal regarding the propriety of proposed student activities. Student activities cannot include support or opposition to any political candidate or ballot measure.

Each ASB will prepare and submit annually a budget for the support of the ASB program to the board for approval. All property and money acquired by ASBs, except private non-associated student body funds, will be district funds and will be deposited and disbursed from the district’s ASB program fund.

Money acquired by ASB groups through fundraising and donations for scholarships, student exchanges and charitable purposes will be private non-associated student body fund moneys.

Solicitation of funds for non-associated student body fund purposes must be voluntary and must be accompanied by notice of the intended use of the proceeds and the fact that the district will hold the funds in trust for their intended purpose. Non-associated student body fund moneys will be disbursed as determined by the group raising the money. Private non-associated student body funds will be held in trust by the district for the purposes indicated during the fundraising activities until the student group doing the fund raising requests disbursement of the funds and the accounts of the fundraising are complete and reconciled.

The board may establish and collect a fee from students and nonstudents as a condition to their attendance at, or participation in, any optional noncredit extracurricular district event of a cultural, social, recreational, or athletic nature.  If the board establishes such a fee or fees, the superintendent or designee will establish a procedure for waiving fees for students who are eligible to participate in the federal free or reduced price meals program and for reducing fees for students’ family members and other nonstudents sixty-five or older who, by reason of their low income, would have difficulty in paying the entire amount of such fees.  Fees collected pursuant to this paragraph shall be deposited in the ASB program fund of the district.  

Cross Reference:     2150 Co-curricular Program

                                    4200 Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

                                    6020   System of Funds and Accounts

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Adoption Date: March 27th, 2007; Revised, December 15, 2020