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Policy 3418P

Procedure - Response to Student Injury or Illness


When a student is injured or ill at school or during any school-sponsored activity to any degree, it is the responsibility of staff to see that immediate care and attention is provided to the student unless or until the staff member is relieved by a staff member certified in first aid, a nurse, a doctor, emergency personnel or the parent/guardian. 

Except in cases of very minor injuries (e.g., cuts, scrapes, rug burns) that, in the judgment of the school nurse or a staff member certified in first aid, do not pose a serious health risk to the student and will not worsen if the student remains at school, the principal or designee will be promptly notified of any student’s injury; illness; or physical trauma that could have caused injuries as yet unobservable. 

The school nurse or staff member certified in first aid will determine whether the injury, illness or trauma is serious enough to warrant calling 911. If upon finding that the injury is not serious, appropriate first aid will be provided to the student consistent with their first aid training. 

Students with fevers over 100 degrees or those with diarrhea or vomiting (within the past 24 hours) will be sent home.


Upon recommendation of the school nurse or a staff member certified in first aid, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be called immediately for those with uncontrolled bleeding, those who have suffered cardiac arrest, suffered bone fractures or head, neck or spinal injuries.  EMS will evaluate their condition and make a recommendation for transport to a medical facility.


Except in cases of very minor injuries as described above, the principal or designee will notify the parent or guardian (or, if the parent or guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact), to advise them of the student’s condition as soon as practicable. 

The student’s parent/guardian or emergency contact will decide in non-emergency cases, whether: 1) the parent/guardian or emergency contact will transport the student to the hospital; 2) the parent/guardian or emergency contact will pick up the student, or 3) the student will remain at school. 


If a serious injury occurs during a physical education class or during an athletic team practice or game, emergency procedures shall be conducted in the following manner:

  1. Stop play immediately at first indication of possible injury or illness.
  2. Look for obvious deformity or other deviation from the athlete’s normal structure or motion.
  3. Listen to the athlete’s description of his complaint and how the injury occurred.
  4. Act, but move the athlete only after serious injury is ruled out.

The teacher or coach should  avoid moving an athlete who has been seriously injured.  If applicable, he/she should attempt to restore life-sustaining functions, (e.g., stop uncontrolled bleeding, provide cpr) until EMS arrives. An athlete with a suspected head, neck or spinal injury should not be moved. Call 911 and proceed with caution according to first aid procedures. If a coach must accompany the student to a hospital, the activity or event should cease.


A student accident report must be completed for serious student injuries or severe illnesses at school by the person at the scene of the accident or injury within 24 hours. The written report should include a description of the circumstances of the illness or injury and procedures followed in handling it. A copy should be included in the student’s folder and sent to the superintendent.


The district is not qualified under law to comply with directives to physicians limiting medical treatment and will not accept such directives.




Date: March 27th, 2007; Revised January 22, 2019