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Policy 3418

Response to Student Injury or Illness

The board recognizes that schools are responsible for providing initial first aid or emergency treatment in case of sudden illness or injury of a student, but that further medical attention is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.   Schools will notify the parent or guardian of students who suffer injuries, illness or physical trauma at school or at any school sponsored activity as soon as practicable.  The board encourages school staff to become certified in first aid.

The superintendent shall establish procedures to be followed consistent with this policy.

Cross Reference:  

3124   Removal/Release of Student During School Hours

3422   Student Sports – Concussion, Head Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Management Resources:

OSPI/DOH – How to Respond to Injury and Illness at School

2014 – June Issue


La Center School District Adoption Date: March 27th, 2007; Revised: January 22, 2019