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Policy 2421P


Grades Kindergarten through Five

Prior to the end of the third quarter, when possible the teacher will confer with the principal regarding any student who may be considered for non-promotion to the next grade level. Parents/guardians shall be invited to meet with the principal and teacher. Information will be presented to explain the student’s progress to date. Parents will be advised on how they might assist the student during the balance of the school year.

At least two (2) weeks prior to the end of the school year, the parent, principal and teacher will again meet to review the latest progress and determine if the student’s need would be best met by promotion or additional time in the same grade level. If the parent or guardian disagrees with the recommendation of the teacher and principal, the following shall be followed:

The parent or guardian must complete a form that requests a placement other than that recommended by the teacher and principal. The parent/guardian must acknowledge on the form that they recognize the placement is against the recommendation of the school.

Grades Six through Eight

To assure promotion to the next grade level after entering grade six, students are expected to pass all of their courses. Understanding that some students may fall short of this expectation, the principal may approve promotion to the next grade as long as the student meets the following minimum requirements:

1. Pass at least four (4) of six (6) courses with a minimum of a 60% score; and

2. Three (3) of the courses with passing grades are within the core subject areas (math, social studies, language arts or science).

Students who are at risk of not meeting the above minimum criteria for promotion shall be required to develop a Student Plan for Success in partnership with parent(s)/guardian, teachers (including advisor), counselor and the principal. This Student Plan for Success will identify appropriate goals for achievement to meet the above minimum expectations, detail possible interventions that can be used as well as the responsibilities of the student, their parent(s)/guardian and school personnel. Failure to develop this plan and/or make adequate progress toward improvement may result in retention.

Parent(s)/guardians of any student who is in danger of not meeting the minimum promotion expectations will be notified no later than the end of the most current quarter. Prior to the end of the fourth quarter of the school year, the parent(s)/guardian will be notified in writing that their student is at risk of not being promoted to the next grade due to failure to meet the minimum promotion expectations. At the end of the fourth quarter a final letter will be provided that informs the parent(s)/guardian of the principal’s final decision regarding promotion.

If a student is not promoted, the school shall provide the parent(s)/guardian with options to allow the student to access additional learning opportunities during the summer. Prior to the start of the next school year, the student shall be allowed to appeal to the principal to authorize promotion for the next grade level. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate their growth and readiness to handle the academic requirements of the next grade level.

If the student can demonstrate to the principal’s satisfaction that they have made adequate progress over the summer and are ready for the next grade level’s academic requirements, then the student will be promoted to the next grade level. The principal’s decision regarding promotion will be final.

Grades Nine through Twelve

Students earn .5 credit for each semester class that they receive a grade of D or better. Students must earn a total of 24 credits to qualify for a La Center High School diploma. Class status is determined as follows:

Ninth grade: 0 to 5.75 earned credits
Tenth grade: 6.0 to 11.75 earned credits
Eleventh grade: 12.0 to 17.75 earned credits
Twelfth grade: 18 or more earned credits



La Center School District Adopted: September 30th, 2015