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Policy 2410

High School Graduation Requirements

The board will establish graduation requirements which at a minimum satisfy those established by the State Board of Education.  The board will approve additional graduation requirements as recommended by the superintendent or designee. Graduation requirements in effect when a student first enrolls in high school will remain in effect until that student graduates. The board will award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in the district who meets the requirements established by the district.  Only one diploma will be awarded with no distinctions being made between the various programs of instruction that may be pursued.


Each student must meet the following requirements to graduate from high school:

  1. Complete the credit requirements specified in the procedure accompanying this policy;
  2. Demonstrate career and college readiness by completing a high school and beyond plan; and
  3. Meet the requirements of at least one graduation pathway option described in the procedure accompanying this policy.


The superintendent or designee will develop procedures for implementing this policy according to applicable state law.


Cross References:

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