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Policy 2404

Graduation Toolkit Policy: Science

The board recognizes the value of preparing students to become literate in science. Science plays an integral role in modern society and is an essential part of each student’s education. When students are learning about science, they are also enhancing their skills in reading, writing and math. Students may further develop their science skills through independent activities and programs. The district encourages students and their families to take advantage of any science learning opportunities available to them.

The district will encourage students to learn science effectively at a high level of proficiency.

The district also recognizes the importance of allowing students to learn at their own pace, and the educational benefits that can be gained by giving students the opportunity to demonstrate competency of skills, proficiency of standards, and mastery of concepts.

In order to recognize the science proficiency of students, the superintendent is directed to develop procedures for awarding science credits to students based on demonstrated proficiency across a range of science skills.

Cross References:

2410 – High School Graduation Requirements



Legal References:

WAC 180-51-050 High school credit — Definition


RCW 28A.230.090 High school graduation requirements or equivalencies — Reevaluation of graduation requirements — Review and authorization of proposed changes — Credit for courses taken before attending high school — Postsecondary credit equivalencies



Adoption Date: April 28, 2020