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Policy 2110P

Transitional Bilingual Program

The following procedures have been instituted for purposes of implementing a transitional bilingual instruction program.

In those cases in which the use of instruction in the student’s primary language is not feasible, transitional bilingual instruction may be limited to English as a second language designated to enable the student to achieve competency in English.

Evaluation of Previous Course Work

Limited-English-speaking students with academic records will be awarded credit based on the number of hours per week that the student attended class in accordance with the following guidelines:

A. Up to one foreign language credit (180 hours of instruction) may be awarded for classes taken in which English was studied as a foreign language. English credit will not be awarded for this study.

B. English credit may be awarded as follows for instruction students received in their native language:

1. Up to one credit may be awarded students whose test scores show they are able to participate in advanced level classes in the district’s transitional bilingual program and if their native language instruction included the study of composition and literary concepts.

2. Up to two credits may be awarded students whose test scores show they are able to participate in the district’s regular English program and if their records document a high level of composition skills and literary concept development in English and the primary language.

C. Credit for other course work will be awarded based on established district criteria including number of hours of instruction per week, sequence of courses, course content and prerequisites. Credit for course work completed in other United States school districts will be awarded based on standards established for awarding credits to limited-English-speaking students.

D. When a student enters the school district without academic records from his/her native country, and it is determined that the student had attended high school, equivalent credits may be awarded by the high school principal on the recommendation of a transitional bilingual staff person. The principal, with the recommendation of the staff, will determine the subjects for which these credits may be received.

E. Students of limited English proficiency who enter grades 9, 10, or 11 may be awarded credits toward graduation from high school on the basis of course work successfully completed in foreign schools or on the basis of alternative learning experiences. (See 2410P.)

Credit for Course Work Completed in the District

Any student of limited English proficiency who requires training in English-as-a-SecondLanguage prior to successful participation in regular academic courses shall not be enrolled as a senior.

A. Students of limited English proficiency may earn a maximum of five credits in required English and Social Studies courses in the transitional bilingual program.

B. Students of limited English proficiency should be awarded grades for course work on the basis of standards English-speaking students are required to meet. An audit mark may be used, indicating progress by the student, but no credit awarded.

Non-credit Program

Limited-English-proficient students who enter the school district when they are 18 years of age and who have had less than 8 years of formal education will be enrolled in the transitional bilingual program. The district staff will make every attempt to provide these students with an adequate program of survival English, History, Mathematics and vocational counseling and training. Such students will not normally receive a diploma.



La Center School District Adopted: June 26th, 2007