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Policy 2027P

Use of Videos/DVDs As Part of the Instructional Program

Video Use Procedures

It is advised that teachers only use films/videos/DVD’s for instructional purposes that are on the districts’ approved list. The approved films for use by classroom teachers include those found in the ESD 112 Media collection. Motion pictures that are not in the ESD 112 media collection may be used for instructional purposes when such use can be shown to support the adopted curriculum goals and enrich student learning experiences. The following administrative procedures should be applied when teachers choose to use non-approved motion pictures in class:

1. The motion picture must not be for entertainment or reward purposes.

2. Motion pictures, in video, film or DVD format, will be used in accordance with all copyright restrictions for such formats.

3. The principal must be informed and approve any media not on the approved list.

4. Regardless of the format, the following film rating criteria and procedures for use shall apply when selecting the motion picture:

  • Students may view “G” rated films that support the curriculum.
  • In addition to “G” rated films, students in grades 7 through 12 may also view films with a “PG or PG 13” rating when written parent consent to participate in the viewing is secured. Comparable alternative learning experiences will be provided for students who do not have parent consent.
  • Normally, “R” rated material will not be used; however, in grades 9 – 12 if the curriculum cannot be addressed with a suitable documentary, excerpts from a film or video appropriate to the curriculum and approved by the building principal may be shown. La Center School District Parent Consent Forms must be issued to each student, signed by the parent, and returned to school prior to the classroom showing of any “R” rated media. Students without parental permission must be provided comparable, alternative assignments.



La Center School District Adopted: June 26th, 2007