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LC Middle School Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying is:

  • Harmful, hurtful or humiliating words or actions
  • Intentional
  • Repeated
  • And the person targeted feels they have less social or physical power

Bullying can happen to anyone. Bullying can happen at school, in the community, or online.

Middle School Resources


What LCMS Does to Create a Positive School Climate

  • Developing relationships with students

    • Each student has a homeroom teacher throughout the school year 
    • Homeroom establishes a meaningful relationship between adults and students
    • Teaching affect & empathy through meaningful conversations & activities
    • CISPUS week of whole child learning for all 6th grade students
    • REAL Life Exhibit visitation for all 8th grade students
    • Supervision in the gym, hallways and classes before school
    • Student Services – small group & individual school counseling, study hall, 
    • Support student’s academic success through promotion standards, development of student plans for success, parent meetings, summer school (Hawks Landing)
    • Student Clubs – Math is Cool, Robotics, Strategic Gaming, Be the Change, Leos, Yearbook, 
  • Programs

    • Blue Crew
      • Weekly meeting with homeroom student reps and the principal
      • Establishes two-way communication 
      • Reps are responsible to share the discussions with their homerooms (develops student leadership & communication skills)
      • Student voice to express successes and challenges  in our middle school
    • Student Leadership Class/Association of the Student Body (ASB)
      • Student-led activities, competitions and pep assemblies
      • Doernbecher Fundraising
      • Stuff the Bus Food Donation Drive
      • Multi-Activity Middle School Dances
    • Character Strong –
      • Monthly lessons on positive character traits
      • Student of the Month Assembly Recognition based on character traits
      • Improve student leadership skills and opportunities
      • Improve student life-readiness
      • Creates safer schools (students feel ownership and belonging)
      • Teach the whole child
      • Daily student greetings by name
      • Team building activities for small groups, grade levels & schoolwide
    • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) – Olweus Program Information
      • Establishes schoolwide rules against bullying
      • Climate surveys of students & staff annually
      • All staff training for Prevention & ‘On the Spot’ Intervention