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There is a new class at the high school teaching and guiding students to discover what they want their lives to look like after graduation: Jim Neiman and Jodi Osborne’s Work Site Learning Class.  Starting with the basics, the course establishes what goals the students are working towards in their education, career and life.  Once these goals are established, each student receives tools and training to assist them in accomplishing their goals.  This work includes focusing on the many aspects of intersection between career planning, work and life-skills preparation.  Students learn a variety of skills, from managing personal finance and budgeting, to applying for college and creating a resume.  For students still searching for what they want to do after graduation (or for those that know), job shadowing and internship programs are available.  These types of opportunities give students a chance to get a sense of what working day-to-day looks like.

In addition to all of this great work, the class also offers students who are already working outside of school to get extra-credit for their job in addition to receiving a paycheck.