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This past weekend 130 kids came to La Center to play this year’s round of Quarantine.  Another 35 kids worked the event by playing zombies, doctors and government agents.  Quarantine combines tag and capture the flag. To play, the school is locked down as if a strange disease has attacked La Center.  Some of the students (zombies) are not fortunate enough to escape the virus. The other students (players) work in teams of 5 to try to get help from doctors who have found a cure for the virus. The task of the players is to travel around the entire high school campus (inside and out) trying to gather five colored tokens. Once they have discovered/obtained them all, they then must find the pill–which is in reality, a Mento (the popular breath mint).  In order to get the pill, they must turn over all of their colored tokens. The final step is to find the actual vaccine station (a big bottle of Diet Coke) and drop the vaccine into the Diet Coke in order to make it explode, curing all of La Center of the zombie plague.  The players can only win the game if all of their members are present and also have their Mento.  Meanwhile, they also have to avoid the zombies and government agents who can take away their colored packets if they are tagged.

Session 1 Winners More ZombiesSession 2 Instructions Kyla Blankenship Zombie Session 1 InstructionsSession 2 Winners