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The Leo’s Club was awarded the Presidential Service Award for volunteering for 300 hours last school year. Pictured are 9 students who recieved the award and were given a pin to recognize their efforts. There were 15 total students that helped achieve the 300 hrs of service. Those in the picture from left to right…

Top row: Tim Howard (12th), Hayden Larkin (10th), Catherine Peterson (10th), Taitum Sadlier (10th), Loren Brown (10th)

Bottom row: Alex Duncan Steward (12th), Grace Nolan (10th), Kourtney Edington (10th), Jane Hendrickson (11th)

Not pictured: Sheila Wing (11th), Lexi Bellikka (10th), Sophia Reyes (Graduated), Ashley Ziolkowski (Graduated), Elexis Thorn (Graduated), and Emily Thurston (Transferred).

Leo Advisors: Jim Neiman and Aften P-WT

Congratulations to all involved.
Only Together Can We Achieve Great Things!