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Friday, Feb 19:

The State Wrestling Championships will be in the Tacoma Dome. First round starts at 10 AM.

The State Gymnastics tournament will also be in the Tacoma Dome in the Exhibition Halls. Ashley Helmold will compete at 10 AM on the Beam, then at 11:45 AM on the Vault.

Girls Basketball will compete against the Kalama Chinooks for the District Title. This is the 2nd year in a row we have played in this game. The game will be played at WF West in Chehalis at 8 PM.

Saturday, Feb 20:
Boys Basketball will play the winner of Castle Rock and Hoquiam, as long as the Wildcats get the win tonight. This game will decide who continues on to the Regional Round and who goes home for the season. The game is will be played at Kelso HS at 6:30 PM.

The Wildcat Unified Basketball Team will be playing at Heritage HS for the District Playoff Tournament. Their first game is is at 9:50 on Court 2 at Heritage HS. This is a much closer event to us, so if you can make it and support our Wildcats, I know they would appreciate it. They will play a second game at Heritage, but the time will be dependent upon if they win or lose the first game.

For those in the district that are unfamiliar with Unified Basketball, it is a branch off of Special Olympics. There are athletes and partners that play in the game. The athletes have a disability, while the partners are the other students in the school that want to support our special needs students. It is a fantastic opportunity for those students to wear a La Center jersey and compete for the Royal Blue and White of the Wildcats where as they wouldn’t have that opportunity on our other sports teams.

Karla Karukes and Brian Zylstra have done a fabulous job in coaching and organizing the team. Other schools that also have Unified teams are Kelso, Columbia River, Heritage, Fort Vancouver, Evergreen, and a few others.

If you are unable to attend, you can always follow Athletic Director Matt Cooke on Twitter for updates. @LC_CatsandHawks. Or search LaCenter Athletics on Twitter.