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This week, for the fourth year in a row over a dozen students in Karla Karuke’s Transition class competed in a three-day tournament to discover the 2016 La Center Iron Chef.  Students made appetizers, beverages, entrees and desserts.  In order to make it through all four rounds to the final, they had to make one of each.  As an extra bonus, on Thursday, the competition was judged by the four finalists for the Superintendent position.  Judging duties for the other rounds fell to a number of lucky teachers and staff who had the opportunity to try a wide variety of delicious food!  In the end, Rosalino M. narrowly defeated runner-up Cody F. in the final round with his unique take on chips and salsa, pairing cinnamon and sugar chips with macerated strawberries, raspberries and kiwi.

Rosalino took the crown this year, but everyone involved was a winner.

image1 Iron Chef1 Ironchef5 ironchef2 20160311_131632