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This summer, as part of the Hawks Landing Program, upcoming 6,7, and 8th grade La Center Students visited the La Center Fire Hall.

The kids got to meet the on-duty firefighters and Fire Captain Dohman.  Ruth Skinner even had an opportunity to wear the full firefighter uniform (pictured below).

Divided into two parts, Hawks Landing I is for 6th grade students. The focus is on basic skills and a big emphasis is put on making a smooth transition to the new school- having a locker (learning how to open it), changing classes for each subject and having a different teacher each hour. And just becoming familiar with the building and stagg.  Hawks Landing II- is for 7th and 8th grade students and the main focus is on basic skills and becoming more focused and productive in their educational endeavors.

Even in the summer, in La Center, learning happens.

Ruth and Capt Dohman Summer School Students and Fire Engine Summer School at Firehall