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Family Fun Feast is coming to the Elementary School on Wednesday, June 1st during regular lunch times.

Fifth graders Riley Bingham and Jillian Pratt envisioned a La Center Elementary event where family members could join our students and staff at school to support our students and enjoy a bit of what our school has to offer. Working with La Center Staff, they’ve created Family Fun Feast!  Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Kidd will serve as “chefs”, barbecuing hotdogs (1,200 to be more specific) to go along with other barbecue-type fair, such as potato chips, Oreos, and apple juice. Lunch will be provided free of charge to those who choose to join us (students and adults) and will include eating together with students’ classes in the cafeteria, on the field, or other nearby places as the weather allows. You may want to consider parking at the park due to the limited number of parking spaces available on our campus. We hope you choose to join us for the food and fun!

<<This article originally ran in the Bobcat Newsletter>>