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On Sat. Oct. 29th, the La Center Chess Team came in 1st overall for the team score at the Clackamas Open! Even though the tournament format was individual, the top 4 scores from each team counted towards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team trophies.

The top 3 team scores were:
1. La Center High School 13

2. Clackamas High School 12.5
3. The Dalles High School 11
Our individual players’ scores:
Chase Jamieson: 4-1 (tied for 1st overall!)
Loren Brown: 3-2 (won a medal)
Erik Maxwell Christensen: 3-2 (won a medal)
James Carmona: 3-2 (won a medal)
Jack Gatter: 2-1-1; (he drew a match against Clackamas HS’s best player and that draw was definitely part of the team winning overall by preventing their top player from adding .5 to their overall score.)
Timothy Smith: 2-3
Erik David Christensen: 2-3
Every player won at least 2 matches, and Chase tied for 1st! Plus, the team won 1st overall! This was the first, official/ rated chess tournament for 4 of our players, so they did quite well up against some very tough/ much more experienced competition.
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