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Research Resources

Our district now accesses online research resources through Fort Vancouver Regional Library’s Connect.

 Your login name is 9862900 + your student ID number (00#####); your Pin is the last 4 digits of your student ID.



The best online resource I know of for research and citation help is the Purdue O.W.L.

There is a citation maker (no ads) here as well as guides to both conducting research and effectively using what you find.

There is also an excellent guide to evaluating sources.

Want to know how how credible an article published online is? A good place to start is

This site rates websites on two scales: Bias: Extreme Left <—> Extreme Right  &  Factual Reporting: High <—> Low

If you are using Google to search, this chart of search operators can help you exclude results you don’t want so that more of what you find is useful.