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Parking Information


Due to student safety concerns and significant traffic issues occurring on the K-8  campus, we ask that you not double park within or pick-up your student(s) from the drive-through lanes after school.  If you have been using the drive-through lanes on the K-8 campus in this manner we ask that you create an alternative family pick-up plan.

The following are possible options we suggest you might consider in lieu of utilizing the drive-through lanes as a pick-up location:

Park in open parking spots only in order to pick-up your student(s) after school. Please do not double park within drive-through lanes (lanes nearest to the building) to load your student(s).

Parking in open spots on the sidewalk side of the lot rather than within the drive-through lane is the safest as well as most efficient way to have your student(s) enter your vehicle. Double parking blocks available open spots, which causes both greater safety and traffic issues. Quick loading of students within the drive through lanes is far less safe than loading from parking spots and almost always causes traffic backups. Also remember that parking in fire lanes at any time (even for a short time period) is illegal and could result in a ticket from law enforcement.

When the K-8 parking area is full or you just want to avoid being held up entering/leaving the campus, please use the parking lot at the city park or the parking lot across from the little league fields.

Since the Ivy street reconstruction, parking at the city park has become a great option to avoid traffic issues on the K-8 campus. We suggest you enter the city park parking area from 4th street in front of the community center and exit from the parking lot onto Ivy Street near the tennis courts.

Have your student(s) utilize the school bus, ride their bike or walk to school.

With consistent concerns about child obesity and/or fitness levels of our kids (not to mention the price of fuel these days) utilizing one or more of these options might be a great alternative depending on where you live. If biking or walking might be an acceptable option but you have concerns with your student(s) walking/riding their bike to school alone, have them join with other students and walk/ride together each day. If available, you may also choose to walk or ride to school yourself with your student(s). Unlike when we were kids, we promise it is not “uphill both ways”.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact your school office.