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On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 the La Center School Board and Community met with the architects from NAC to go over three preliminary layouts for the middle school that we plan to open by Fall of 2020. Great discussion, ideas and comments from the community! There will be another public meeting at the end of the summer/beginning of the next school year to discuss a more refined plan.

Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Harvest Quilt p1Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Harvest Quilt p3Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Harvest Quilt p2

Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Woven Plazas p1Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Woven Plazas p3Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Woven Plazas p2

Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Natures Passage p1Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Natures Passage p3Steering Committee-EdSpec-Design Natures Passage p2