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For the past several months, the design team has been hard at work developing the Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) for the new Middle School.  The Ed Specs are a comprehensive list of what is needed for the various types of rooms being built in the new Middle School from Administrative Offices to Gym Locker rooms and everything in between.  The Ed Specs are then used to develop detailed plans that become the Design Development Documents.  We have also gone through a thorough Value Engineering process where experts not associated with the project go through our plans and find places to save money and keep our costs within budget.  These recommendations then echo back into both the Ed Specs and the Design Development documents.   That process is also complete.  The Design Development Board presentation is the most up-to-date look at where we are in terms of the design of the building.  The next step is the creation of Construction Documents that are used to give to construction companies and their subcontractors the information they need to bid for the job of building the school.  We’re getting closer!

Design Development Board Packet 10-23-18
New LCMS Educational Specifications 2018