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La Center Middle School 2019-2020 Work Plan

Goal #1 – Increase the number of students meeting promotion standards

A. Increase student attendance
1. Use attendance data to follow up with chronic absences (including tardies)
2. Staff will be positive and encouraging to students and build relationships with those who are chronically absent.
3. Compare attendance to accountability data
4. Tardy Talks
B. Parent Communication
1. Teachers will contact parents with struggling students at least 1X a month.
2. Put students on plan if grades have dropped. Check every 6 weeks
3. investigate student/parent perspectives on problem.
4. Hold more staffings w/student present.
5. Recognize positive student behavior.
6. School wide Skyward explanation email
7. Fall Conferences: Skyward Demonstration Table
C. Mentoring/Tutoring
1. Continue the high school mentoring program.
2. Continue study hall- add math tutor
3. Introduce executive functioning skills

Goal #2 – Student Learning – Raise number of individual students increasing or maintaining state standards

A. Implement Interim Block SBAC tests
B. Continuing transition to WSSLS standards (science)
C. Focus on alignment & integration of common core standards
D. Work with counselor/dean of students on attendance/tardy program
E. Focus on increasing accountibility and self awareness of learning in all students especially math assist/reading assist/academic prep students
F. Science and math meet to identify common terminology/skills to focus on in their classes
G. Connect school with real life scenarios
H. District Level – Create department heads to help K-8 teachers align ELA, Math & Science curriculum to Common Core Standards
I. Provide release time for homeroom teachers to check-in with struggling students one on one
J. Begin STEM and/or PBL teacher training

Goal #3 – Culture – All students feel safe and welcome and are valued memebers of our school.

A. Increase School Pride- Display student work
free school t-shirt for each kid?
B. Build Upon Our New Student Welcome
C. Servant Leadership Mindset & Focus (Introduce Character Strong in Homerooms)
D. Students in Crisis Referral System
E. After School Activities/Clubs
F. Monthly/Weekly or Bi-Weekly? Organized Lunch Time Activities Funding?
G. Adopt an elementary class by homeroom: Or a 5th grade class for transition: Optional
H. Beginning of year middle of year and end of year survey with follow through communications
I. Adult presence in the hallways- Goal this year
J. Bullying Awareness- student presentations
K Bullying Awareness- Free the Children Assembly
L. Continue homeroom/superteam activities & competitions
M. Homeroom Service Project? Grade Level?
N. Supporting extra curricular activities at school (Recognition Assembly?)
O. Digital Bulletin Boards: TV Screens
P. First day Sixth Grade Only – all teachers teach small groups
Q Implement & Pilot the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
R Pre Olweus Implementation Student Survey & anually thereafter
Attend GSA meetings at high school & invite middle school students to come along.