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LCSD Strategic Improvement Plan

La Center School District

Strategic Improvement Plan

La Center School District Mission

Ends 1 – The mission of the La Center School District is to create a supportive learning environment that empowers students to reach their fullest potential. We will do this in partnership with families, the community, staff, and students to develop confident and self-reliant life-long learners who can thrive in a rapidly changing, more technologically advanced and diverse society.

Ends 2 – Academic and Learner Competencies Achievement

Ends 3 – Personal Skill Development

Ends 4 – Social Skills Development

Tools our teams utilize to succeed in reaching our goals:

Norms of Collaboration

  1. Promoting a Spirit of Inquiry
    1. Use Data in Making Decisions
  2. Presuming positive intentions
  3. Putting ideas on the table
  4. Paying attention to self and others
  5. Pausing
  6. Paraphrasing
  7. Probing for specificity

Data-Driven Decision-making and Reflection on Actions

  • Connect decisions to evidence of learning value within academic research.
  • Utilize research to guide new, or reconfigure existing, initiatives.
  • Improving student learning through informed instruction with formative assessments.

Baseline Data Points for Semiannual and Annual Review by Leadership Team:

  1. Attendance, Absences, Tardies, and Unexcused Absences
  2. Secondary Grade Reports – No Pass Lists (Credit by Grade)
  3. Elementary Reading, Math and Writing Assessment & Growth
  4. Discipline Reports
  5. Professional Development List (What was accessed this year for PD)
  6. Spexit and Goal Achievement – Special Education
  7. Graduation Data
  8. Six Credits for 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade
  9. Promotion Standards Data
  10. Healthy Youth Data
  11. Social-Emotional Data 
  12. Review of norms of collaboration to maximize our team’s efforts toward the goals
  13. Student leadership access (ambassadors, student leadership)
  14. Parent participation in school events (Open House/Back to School Night etc… how are we bringing parents into the conversation?)


Goals to Achieve the Mission

Goal 1

All students in the La Center School District will show growth in their content areas.

  • CTE: Broaden our CTE work between middle school and high school focusing on the 21st Century Skills
    • How are we going to measure 21st century skills… what data
      • What are the 21st-century skills we are using
    • STEM: Continue to build on our three-year plan for STEM looking toward strong leadership within PBL instruction within LCSD
    • Incorporate 21st Century Skills within our system as it pertains to the Ends Policy
    • Monitor and adjust lessons based on formative assessment strategies to inform instruction and react in a timely manner to student challenges.


  • Building and classroom data
  • State test scores
  • Graduation rate

Goal 2

Students who struggle in their learning in Grades P-12 will be analyzed and provided supports through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/Student Intervention Teams.

  • Building teams collaborate with formative assessment data on potential Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports that can occur in the general education classroom.
  • Title 1 Building wide program for LCES
  • Work with students to mitigate barriers to student learning through a tiered system of supports. Assist with students becoming self-sufficient in their efforts to support themselves in their own learning.


  • Special Education Referral Rates (Movement to Tier 3)
  • Movement between Tier 1 & Tier 2
  • Survey / Perception Data
  • ES Panorama

Goal 3

All students in the La Center School District will develop the social skills to be a confident and self-reliant learner in a complex and rapidly changing world.

  • Construct a communication plan with multiple forms of communication in and around our school and broader community.
  • All students feel safe and welcome and are valued members of our school community.
  • Students will experience an improved climate and culture through resiliency
  • Wellness Policy


  • Healthy Youth Survey
  • Social-Emotional Surveys
  • MS Bullying Student Survey (Olweus Fall 2018)
  • After School Activity Participation Numbers