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Grade 6-12 Students, Parents and Guardians,


As I write to you today at the beginning of our 3rd week of Modified distance learning, I’m hearing from a number of our teachers that some students are not engaged in the learning opportunities that are being created. As you know from previous emails from the high school, we will be providing letter grades for the work that is completed by students and evaluated by your teacher. At the middle school, we will be issuing pass/fail grades for 4th quarter. Passing grades will only be issued if students are regularly engaged in the work and submitting their best effort that meets a 60% grading evaluation by your teacher. This makes it vitally important that all of you engage in the work to the best of your ability.

I also understand that there is a rumor among some students, that your grade cannot be affected regardless of the effort you apply. This is being connected to a statement the Governor made saying districts are to “due no harm” to student grades during the closure. This is a true statement in reference to not impacting a particular student’s grades if they are not able to access the learning opportunities in an equitable manner. The school is and will work with every student to provide access to learning material and lessons. Regardless of the level of access you may have, it does not relieve you from the obligation to engage, show effort and continue the learning process for the remainder of the school year. In other words, YOU can do harm to your grades if you do not engage with the learning.

I know that many of you may struggle with access to technology, but your teachers are able and willing to provide paper copies of the work and have them delivered to your home.  We have already distributed thousands of packets since the beginning of the closure. What is vitally important is for students to communicate with their teachers on a regular basis. You should ask for any help necessary for you to engage in the learning opportunities provided. We will work just as hard on our end to provide you with what you need as we expect you to work at learning.

In closing, we look forward to seeing all of you when this all ends and hope that you will work hard, stay healthy and keep communicating with your teachers!

Dave Holmes,

Superintendent, La Center School District