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You can print what you need for class from any of the library computers. We even have a color printer for assignments that require it! Ask the library/media tech for help if you haven’t printed here before.

Black & White: LC3080

Color: HSLIB_Color (sometimes shows as LC2375-HSLIB_Color)

Printing Tip:

Printing from the Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t always work. If the Chrome icon is missing from the desktop, click the “Start” button on the lower left and type in “Chrome.” If you then drag the Chrome icon onto the task-bar (across the bottom of the screen) it should be there for you the next time you log in.


Research Help

Whether you need someone to guide you through the LCHS research resources or help finding a particularly elusive piece of information, the library. The best times are before and after school, but you can also get help at lunch or during class with your teachers permission. If you’re looking for help outside of school hours, try this online tutorial: Purdue O.W.L. Research & Citation Guide.

When conducting your initial research on Google, a list of search operators can really help.



Loaner Chromebooks are available for checkout in the library, but are due at the end of the same school day. These Chromebooks are not to be taken home.



We can retrieve your Skyward and Saturn passwords, and if your Google password has mysteriously stopped working, we can contact tech to get it reset.

Tech Specific Rules

Follow the district’s Acceptable Use Policy. Doing so is the only way to maintain access.


Rule Highlights for Library Tech Use:

  1. You may not stream anything using the school’s devices or WiFi unless it is specifically assigned for a class.
  2. You may use your personal devices in the library; just remember that you are still subject to the Acceptable Use Policy
    • Anything you access here, even on your own device or using your cell data, must be appropriate for school.
    • If you are streaming content on your own device before/after school or at lunch, you may be asked to show that you are not using the school’s WiFi.
  3. If you want to listen to something, use earbuds or headphones.
    • FYI – if the sound playing through your headphones can be heard by anyone else, you’re almost certainly damaging your hearing.

Consequences of Breaking Tech Rule #1 or #2 in the Library

  1. If you break one of these rules, you will be given a reminder one time and one time only.
    • If you are accessing or uploading/posting content that’s inappropriate for school, the principal will be notified.
  2. Any further breach of either rule will result in (at a minimum) active monitoring of your online activity using GoGuardian while in the library for the remainder of the school year.


General Library Rules

  • You MUST sign in when entering the library without a teacher or paraprofessional during the school day.
    • (This is how we know who we are responsible for in the event of an emergency or drill.)
    • This DOES includes lunch.
    • If you leave the library, you MUST sign out.
      • Yes, even if you’re just going to the restroom
  • Be courteous and respectful to both adults and other students
  • Drinks with lids are OK (no open cans)
  • No Eating in the Library
  • Sit on chairs, not tables or shelves
  • No feet on library tables or shelves