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Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is a team competition that is similar to Jeopardy. Questions typically fall into one of the following categories: math, science, history, language skills, literature, music, geography, and current events. Teams may have a maximum of six members. Each Knowledge Bowl meet consists of a written round and several oral rounds.

Written Round: the entire team works together to answer 50-60 multiple choice questions.

Oral Rounds:

  • Three teams compete against each other.

  • No more than four members of each team may participate at one time, but additional members are allowed to substitute during the round.

  • To answer a question, team members touch the team bar then wait to be recognized.

  • A recognized team will have fifteen seconds to discuss and answer the question.

  • All answers must come through the captain and begin with “Our team’s answer is”.

  • If a team runs out of time or answers incorrectly then other teams will have a chance to answer that question

Scoring: One point is awarded for each correct answer, and a team’s final score is the sum of their written and oral rounds.

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