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School Board & District Policies

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Policy Governance

In July 2006, the La Center School District Board of Directors began a process of reviewing all its policies.  The model being used for this review and new policy development is known as policy governance.  It is designed to identify the values the Board holds for itself and the school district as an organization. It is intended to promote quality governance that will allow the Board to increase its focus on organizational end results for student achievement, set clear performance expectations for staff, monitor results, and facilitate Board interaction with community members.  The ultimate goal of policy governance is to provide the Board an effective and efficient way to fulfill its responsibility as representatives of the citizens of the La Center School District to both establish and then hold the organization accountable for meeting the stated outcomes.

This policy-based model allows the Board to focus on shaping and setting written directions that clearly articulates the organizational vision and outcomes. It provides high expectations for both results and behaviors as well as improves oversight to ensure appropriate progress and compliance with Board values. In this way, the Board can increase the likelihood that each student in the La Center School District will meet or exceed high academic achievement standards and become a responsible citizen. It clearly defines roles for the Board and the Superintendent, sets clear expectations for student outcomes, Superintendent and staff performance, creates a system of accountability with scheduled monitoring of performance using valid evidence, and establishes connections with the community through regular focus group meetings.

Governance policies focus the Board’s emphasis on organizational vision and student achievement. Governance policies are organized within four major areas:

  • Ends
  • Governance Process
  • Board-Superintendent Relations
  • Executive Limitations

More detailed information on Policy Governance can be found in the Board & District Policies section of this website.

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