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Please review the following updates to SEBB’s Initial Enrollment Guide.  The Guides were mailed on September 18th, so for those of you who haven’t yet received a copy – check your mailbox this week!  Postcards with changes to the Guides will be mailed as soon as possible.
Corrections to the School Employee Initial Enrollment Guide:

Page 18: Under “What if I’m thinking about retiring?” second paragraph, fifth line, the phone number to contact the PEBB Program should be: 1-800-200-1004.
Page 43: In the “Medical Benefits Comparison” chart, under the “Therapy: Physical, occupational, speech, and neurodevelopmental (per-office visit cost)” column, for the Premera Blue Cross plans, it should read: $40 (45 PT/ST/OT combined/year); $40 (45 NDT/year).
Page 47: In the “Medical Benefits Comparison” chart, under the “Tier 2 (preferred brand-name drugs, high-cost generic drugs, and specialty drugs for UMP)” column for UMP Achieve 1 and UMP Achieve 2, it should read: 30% up to $75 after deductible.
Page 52: In the “Selecting a vision plan” section, under “Vision plan options” the second paragraph should read: Routine eye exams are covered at 100 percent under any of the three plans. In general, the plan covers frames up to $150 every 24 months, and then pays 20 percent of the balance over $150.
Page 53: In the “Vision Benefits Comparison” chart, under the “Lens enhancements” section, the second footnote (2No out-of-network lens enhancement reimbursement is available) applies to all Davis Vision lens enhancements.
Page 54: In the “Vision Benefits Comparison” chart, under “Children (under age 19) – what you pay for in-network services,” in the “Vision care service (once per calendar year)” section, the Frames benefit should read: $0 up to $150, then 80% of balance over $150 for Davis Vision, EyeMed, and MetLife.
Page 56: Under “When can I enroll in supplemental life insurance?” The third bullet should read: Supplemental life insurance for children, in increments of $5,000 up to $20,000.
Page 64: Under “If this event happens” The first item should read: “Employee’s dependent moves from outside the United States to live within the United States, or from within the United States to live outside of the United States, and that change in residence results in the dependent losing their health insurance.” The notation under “Waive SEBB medical coverage” for this item should read “No.”

Thank you!

Connie Majors