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School employees are invited to attend live DRS webinars April 6 – April 8. Our Education & Outreach team will present several topics, including:

  • Plan 2 Basics (PERS, TRS, SERS)
  • Plan 3 Basics (PERS, TRS, SERS)
  • Online Resources
  • Getting Ready for Retirement
  • Applying for Retirement

Logging into a webinar

Employees can visit the DRS Webinar Page for the schedule. Pre-registration is not required for these sessions; however, we recommend attendees join 15 minutes early to ensure a successful connection. How to join a DRS webinar provides tips for logging in, and help is also available at 360-664-7930.

Education & Outreach offers webinars for all members of DRS as well as many retirement planning resources.