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Classified Employees
How to Fill Out Your Timesheet

Timesheets are documents that record hours worked/absent. Here at La Center School District, you will record hours you worked/absent in your hired position on your Google Docs timesheet. If you are also a substitute for the District, you will sign an “Aesop Substitute Sign-in Sheet” or a “Food Service Absence Record” to record your substitute hours worked. Below is some helpful information about the different columns that you may see on your timesheet and what type of hours worked/absent you could possibly record there.
Worked Hours
Reg Hrs Worked column – Enter your regular hours worked for your hired position.
Extra Hrs Worked column – Enter extra hours worked for your hired position.
OT Hrs Worked column – Enter the additional hours worked above 8 hours per day for your hired position.
Holiday Hrs Paid – Enter your regular hours for your hired position.
Absent Hours
Sick Hrs Absent – Enter hours you were absent for medical reasons.
Personal Leave Hrs Absent – Enter hours you were absent for personal reasons.
Other Leave Hrs Absent – Enter hours you were absent for bereavement, jury duty, etc.
Workshops Leave Hrs Absent – Enter hours you were away from the district to attend a workshop.
Unpaid Leave – Enter hours you were absent because you were a substitute for a different position and did not work your hired position hours. Also enter unpaid leave hours for time you needed to be off work without pay.
Notes on timesheets are very important to help the payroll department look for accuracy on timesheets when comparing the timesheet entries against Aesop Absence Records and Food Service Absence Records.
Enter notes for any extra/overtime hours worked stating why you were working extra/overtime hours.
Enter a note for any unpaid leave taken with a brief reason why you are taking unpaid leave. (Example, who you were a substitute for).
Double Check
At the end of the pay period, make sure you have entered hours for each scheduled work day. Your absences on your timesheet should match the absences entered in Aesop or Food Service Absence Record.
Please remember there should not be any substitute hours worked recorded on your timesheet.