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La Center High School Class of 2021


Greeting Seniors and Parents/Guardians,

It has been confirmed that the senior’s last day is June 9th IF you are passing all of your classes and the counselors have confirmed you have met all the graduation requirements.  Good job!  You’ve made it to the finish line!

Those seniors still needing to complete school work in order to graduate can still stop by the school from June 9th – June 18th to turn in work, get additional support from their classroom teachers by appointment, take assessments, and complete projects.  I know students are struggling to get motivated and turn in work after all the various changes to our schedule this year, but now, more than ever, it is critical that you get the job done!  Teachers are expecting the work to be completed in a timely manner.  Please communicate with your teachers to make sure you are going to graduate.  Seniors, you are the ones that need to complete the work required, so make sure you take this time to seriously consider the importance of completing the tasks in order to graduate with your friends.  

This year only, the School Board has been gracious to allow students that are .5 or 1.0 credits shy of the graduation requirements to attend the Graduation Ceremony on June 19th, at 7:00 p.m.  If you are behind in credits you MUST be enrolled in credit recovery in order to attend graduation.  The plan is to complete your classes over the summer in order to receive your diploma in August. A plan needs to be put in place with your counselors so you can get registered for credit recovery classes.  

Seniors, Ms. Marshall has sent out an email letting the seniors know of an upcoming Zoom meeting on May 26th that you need to attend.  This meeting we will discuss the expectations of the graduation rehearsal, the Twilight Parade at 7:00 p.m. on June 18th and the details about the Graduation Ceremony.  Please be on time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, your teachers, and/or your counselors.
Every minute counts from now to June 18th!  Make it happen!

Carol Patton, LCHS Principal

Senior Parade Route Map for June 18 Senior Parade at 7pm


• LCHS parking lot, turn south/left on NE Highland Ave.
• NE Highland Ave, Turning west/right onto E 4th St
• E 4th St, turn north/right on E Stonecreek Dr.
• E Stonecreek Dr, turn west/left on E 7th St
• E 7th St, turn north/right on E Fir Ave
• E Fir Ave, turn west/left on E Heritage Loop
• E Heritage Loop, turn south/left on E Southview Heights.
• E Southview Heights, turn south/left on Aspen Ave
• Aspen Ave, turn east/left on E 4th St
• E 4th St, turn north/left on NE Highland Ave
• NE Highland Ave, turn into LCES parking lot.