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2001 NE Lockwood Creek Road
La Center, WA

Please proceed to the back of the site as illustrated here. Thank you.



Notice is hereby given the Board of Directors for the La Center School District, Clark County, Washington, is soliciting competitive bids from responsible contractors for the construction of the New La Center Middle School.   The La Center School district will receive sealed bids for the construction of the New La Center Middle School on Thursday, November 13th, 2019, until 2:59:59 PM at the following location:

La Center School District office
725 Highland Road
La Center, WA 98629

Bids must be submitted on the proper bid form, in a sealed envelope with the name of the Project and the Name of the Bidding entity clearly labeled on the front of the envelope.  Bids will then be publicly read aloud after the time stated for closing of receipt of bids. Bids received after the appointed time set for receipt will be returned to the bidder unopened.

All work will be under a single contract.  The estimated project cost is $32,500,000.  A 5% bid bond is required and shall be included in the bid and made payable to the La Center School District in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order.  Bid security shall be forfeited as damages should the bidder neglect or refuse to enter into a contract and provide a suitable bond for performance and payment for labor and materials.  In addition, each bid shall include a non-collusion acknowledgement.

The primary project scope includes:

All site work, frontage development, utilities, and general building construction for completion of a new 81000 SF Middle School.  The existing site consists of an agricultural field annexed into the city in 2017.  The 17-acre site is generally flat and slopes approximately 2% from north to south.  New work includes, but is not limited to, creating two new driveway accesses off of Lockwood Creek Road, all clearing and grubbing, parking lots, bus loops, general site improvements, electrical, gas, water and sewer as well as the new school building.   The building will be steel structure with an administration lobby, classrooms, gymnasium, kitchen, commons area, and classroom space for band and choir typical of a new middle school.  Site finishes will be limited to lawn and field south of the new building.

Three wetlands are identified on the site which will require protection from construction equipment traffic.  These are shown on project drawings and are indicated with the required buffered area.  Contractor shall take precaution to avoid equipment traffic and construction disturbance within these buffered areas.

There are five (5) Alternates that will be considered as part of the work.  These are listed on the Bid Documents.  The Owner will make determination for incorporating these alternates within 90 days of Notice to Proceed.

A second element of this project consists of constructing a sanitary sewage lift station located in the Southeast corner of the project site.  The lift station is designed to handle the new school capacity as well as additional capacity for connection by future, adjacent development.

A third element of the project, which must be completed as soon as possible, is the remediation of contaminated soils in the south west wetlands.  It is anticipated that there is approximately 7000 CY of Dieldrin contaminated soil to be excavated and hauled to Waste Management site in Hillsboro, Oregon.  The Owner has contracted with WM to take receipt of the soil and will pay all tipping fees.  Excavation, haul and clean soil replacement and wetland mitigation will be part of the general project scope.  The contractor shall be responsible to take extraordinary precaution to avoid heavy equipment operations and stormwater contamination of the Wetland buffers until and after remediation work has completed.

All work is anticipated to begin when the ground conditions allow, as early as March but no later than May 1, 2020.   Substantial Completion is established for August 1, 2021.  Final Completion shall be no later than September 15, 2021.

Attention is called to State of Washington statutes, regulations and rules pertaining to, but not limited to the following for public work projects:  non-discrimination in employment and facilities’; rates of payment for prevailing wage and fringe benefits to workers; apprenticeship utilizations, forms of bids; bonds’ contracts, certificates’ restrictions of lien, taxes and retainage; and barrier-free facilities for the accessibility requirements.

A mandatory pre-bid conference and site visit, for General Contractors, will be held at the Project Site, 2001 NE Lockwood Creek Road, La Center, WA, Tuesday, October 22, 2019 beginning at 2:00 PM.     A second pre-bid conference and site tour be conducted on October 29, 2019 for interested contractors who cannot attend the first one.  No additional information will be offered at the second site conference that isn’t presented at the first.  Attendance at one of the two pre-bid site conferences is mandatory for General Contractors interested in bidding on this project.

Directions to site and parking will be posted on the School District’s website at


Bid documents and project information will be available Monday, October 14, 2019.

  1. Electronic files including plans, specifications, addenda, bidder’s list, project notices and updates may be obtained at
  2. Bidders will first set up an account free of charge which will provide access to the project bid documents.
  3. To insure your company is part of the official Bidders list you will need to select the following option.

( I am bidding as a General Contractor ). For Subcontractors please select the ( I am bidding ) option.

  1. Bidders requiring paper documents may submit written requests to the following email address Paper prints plus shipping will be provided at the cost of reproduction to the bidder.
  2. Paper plans will not be run in advance. Bidders must order ahead of time and submit payment via major credit card. Absolutely no refunds.
  3. If bidders are unable to receive documents electronically or require special individual assistance please email your request to . There will be a one-time charge of $ 35.00 payable via major credit card payable to J2 Blueprint.

Questions may be directed to Keith Bloom, Project Manager, VIA EMAIL ONLY, at  All questions will be submitted to the design team for inclusion in bid addenda which will be distributed to the official bidders list at J2 Printing.

The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities and to reject any or all bids.  No bidder may withdraw or modify his/her bid after the time set for the bid opening until after 45 calendar days from bid opening date.

Advertisement Publish Date October 16 and October 23, in the Columbian.

Advertisement for Clark County Reflector October 16, and October 23, 2019.